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Missouri law requires most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which pays for immediate and long-term medical treatment for a work-related injury. It also covers a percentage of a worker’s pay if an employee misses work due to a work-related injury. Workers’ compensation benefits are available no matter who is at fault for a work-related injury.

So, why would an injured employee need a workers’ compensation lawyer? Insurance companies reject claims for a variety of reasons, fail to pay the full amount a worker is due or cancel benefits before a worker is able to return to work. When they do, the injured worker has the right to appeal the denial. In these instances, it is a good idea to enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney who can advocate on your behalf.

At the Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, we represent injured workers who have a dispute over a workers’ compensation claim. We know Missouri workers’ compensation law, and we know the tactics that employers’ insurance companies use to deny valid claims or pay less than an injured worker should recover. We can help when:

  • Your workers’ compensation claim is denied
  • Your permanent disability rating is disputed
  • There is a dispute regarding a preexisting condition
  • You are not able to get the medical treatment you need
  • There is a dispute about pay or position upon returning to work
  • A family member is killed in a work-related accident

Workers’ Comp And Personal Injury Lawsuits

Most people who have a work-related injury are not able to pursue a separate personal injury claim, but there are exceptions. Examples of cases where a personal injury lawsuit may make sense include when a worker is injured due to negligence by a third-party contractor, or when an injury results from defective equipment or improper maintenance.

Attorney Curtis M. Garner will review the facts of your work-related injury carefully to determine if it makes sense to also file a personal injury lawsuit, which he can also handle.

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