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3 divorce mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Family Law |

Going through a divorce is hard enough without making preventable mistakes. Here are three things that can delay and even disrupt the gratification you deserve when you finally reach the end of the divorce process.

Letting emotions rule your decisions

Emotions run high in divorce, but letting them control your actions can be a costly and destructive path. Fighting over an insignificant piece of property just to prove a point might end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars, while a more coolheaded approach will place you in a position to fight for what is truly important and leave the rest alone.

In a hotly litigated divorce, the only “winner” is oftentimes the attorney. Litigation is sometimes the only answer, but a good lawyer will let you know when a courtroom battle is in your best interests and when giving some ground is the better long-term approach.

Saying too much

Emotions can also rule what we say, but in a divorce, saying the wrong thing can prove very costly. It may be tempting to let the public know unflattering things about your soon-to-be ex, but this can reflect poorly on you, especially if children are in the picture.

If you are active on social media, be very careful what you post. You never know who is watching and saving pictures, status updates and other information you have shared. Social media pitfalls in divorce include:

  • Pictures and accounts of partying
  • Venting posts that disparage your spouse and others
  • Information regarding expensive purchases, vacations and other high-value items

You don’t want a careless post to surprise you (and your attorney) during divorce proceedings.

Taking the wrong advice

There is no shortage of people willing to give you their two cents about your divorce. The question is: Who can you trust?

Friends and family members may offer well-intentioned advice, but unless they know the law and the details of your situation, they may be steering you the wrong direction.

Then there are online forums and so-called experts, who may only be looking for clicks or trying to sell you something. Even if advice is well-researched, it may not apply in the jurisdiction where you are getting divorced. Never make important decisions without first consulting with a trustworthy lawyer who truly has your best interests in mind.