When Facing Tough Times

A Divorce Is A Challenge. Secure The Support You Need To Overcome It And Move Forward.

In Missouri, a divorce can be as simple or difficult as the participants wish it to be. For some couples, this means sitting down with their attorneys, outlining details and finalizing the divorce in a matter of weeks. For others, disputes over parenting time arrangements, property division and numerous other complications can delay proceedings and necessitate a litigation strategy.

Focused On Your Goals During Divorce Proceedings

At the Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, individuals and families in southwest Missouri look to attorney Curtis M. Garner for honest, straightforward advice and representation when going through a divorce. Although there are plenty of other lawyers out there willing to tell clients exactly what they want to hear, Mr. Garner believes in giving clients the advice they need to hear.

Some common types of divorce issues Mr. Garner helps his clients resolve include:

When you work with a family law attorney, you want to be given options for resolving your divorce. Each family is different and requires a unique approach to ensure disputes are resolved. Mr. Garner explains the pros and cons of pursuing mediation and/or litigation, as each pertains to a client’s specific needs and goals. By working together, you and Mr. Garner can implement a strategy that protects your best interests.

Garner Law Firm: We Put You And Your Family First

Whether you and your spouse have agreed that a divorce is the best move, or if you have been blindsided with divorce papers, it’s important to work with an experienced lawyer who can explain what you’re up against and see that you are treated fairly.

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