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Protecting Your Rights When Charged With Drug Violations In Missouri

If you pay attention to the news, you have likely noticed that state governments throughout the country are changing their views on drug enforcement. However, in Missouri and numerous other states, the possession, distribution and manufacturing of illegal drugs like marijuana or prescription medications carry serious penalties.

Representing The Criminally Accused Throughout Missouri

In most cases, it’s not well-connected drug cartels or elaborate illegal drug manufacturing enterprises that wind up in criminal courts of Springfield, Missouri. In fact, it’s young adults arrested for marijuana possession or small-time dealers distributing small quantities. Still, these individuals require the insight and representation of a skilled lawyer to ensure their rights are protected.

At the Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, attorney Curtis M. Garner has handled a wide variety of criminal cases, including charges related to the possession, sale, or cultivation and production of marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs and other types of controlled substances.

Criminal drug charges can quickly pile up. Perhaps the authorities found a pipe, scales or other materials in your possession during the arrest. Instead of a lesser possession charge, you could face a series of charges related to sale or distribution. By investigating the circumstances surrounding your arrest, Mr. Garner can determine if the authorities mishandled your case and will look for other opportunities to pursue the best possible outcome.

Although the authorities aggressively pursue these cases, there may be opportunities for avoiding jail time and other damaging consequences. Rehabilitation programs and counseling are often favorable to serious jail time for first-time offenders and young people. Regardless of the circumstances, Mr. Garner will explain your options, help you determine the best course of action and aggressively represent you in negotiations with the prosecution or during the trial.

Experienced Trial Representation From A Lawyer Dedicated To Protect Your Rights In Drug Violations

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