When Facing Tough Times

When Your Life Changes, Make Sure Your Divorce Agreements Change With You.

Your life will undoubtedly change after your divorce is finalized. Perhaps you will take on a new job, move outside Missouri or become more involved in your children’s education and hobbies as they mature. Regardless of how your life changes, you want to ensure that your post-divorce documents evolve with your life.

At the Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, attorney Curtis M. Garner can help you make modifications to your child support agreements, parenting time arrangements and other divorce agreements to ensure you are receiving or paying your fair share.

Helping You Make Changes To Your Divorce Decree And Other Documents

It’s important to work with a lawyer to address life changes that can affect your ability to make support payments or otherwise meet the conditions of your divorce decree. Failure to make payments can result in serious consequences such as wage garnishment, withholding of tax returns, driver’s license suspension, contempt and other penalties.

Some of the most common reasons people need to make changes to their support agreements and other divorce documents include:

  • Parental relocation
  • Changes to the financial needs of your children
  • Loss of your job
  • Significant changes in your income
  • Serious illness or injury
  • You or your former spouse (or the other parent of your child) remarries

Just because your divorce is over, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to revisit the agreements you made with your former spouse. At the Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, Mr. Garner understands that circumstances change, and he is ready to help make sure your child support agreements and divorce documents stay up to date. By working together, he can help you address changes today, tomorrow and many years from now.

We Can Help You Make Changes To Your Divorce Agreements When Faced With A Substantial Change In Your Family’s Circumstances

When faced with changes in circumstance, reach out to the Springfield law office of Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, for counsel and representation. Call 417-865-5297 to schedule your consultation or send an email by completing an online contact form.