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Strong Defense For Serious Felony Charges

Any criminal accusation is cause for concern, but a felony conviction can have life-changing consequences. In addition to the possibility of prison time, you could lose gun rights and other civil liberties and the criminal record will make it harder to earn a living.

The Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, provides a skilled and aggressive defense for felony criminal charges. We will make every effort to spare your freedom or position you for a favorable outcome that limits the impact on your future. Curtis Garner practices in the criminal courts of Greene County and surrounding jurisdictions of Missouri.

Accused Of A Felony Crime?

We have the solid experience to defend you against any felony charges including:

Felony Charges Raise The Stakes

With any criminal charge, we examine all facets of the case including the conduct of police and the reliability of the accuser or witnesses, for opportunities to contest the charges. When you are facing felony charges, your freedom is on the line.

Our attorneys are not just well-versed in the law. We know the rules of this game, such as how to get evidence admitted (or excluded). We know the local courts, such as which arguments or tactics will not fly with a particular judge.

Depending on the circumstances, there may be out-of-court resolutions such as pleading to a nonfelony offense or entering drug treatment instead of jail or prison. First offenders may qualify for a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS) if they can stay out of trouble. We explore the pros and cons of these alternatives while preparing from the beginning for the possibility of defending you at trial.

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The best thing you can do is insist on talking to a criminal defense attorney before giving any statement or accepting any deals. That is your constitutional right and it just might keep you out of prison. Call our Springfield office today at 417-865-5297 or contact us online.