When Facing Tough Times

Helping Families Understand Child Support And Related Issues

For divorcing parents, child support, child custody and other parenting issues are often strongly contested matters. When it comes to child support, the conversation isn’t only about money, it’s about providing for the well-being of your children.

How Much Is All This Going To Cost?

Like most other states, Missouri has child support guidelines that make it relatively easy to approximate the amount of support a parent will receive or pay. However, there are numerous factors the courts will consider that can alter these figures, including:

  • The custody and parenting time arrangements between the parents
  • The incomes of both parents
  • Day care costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Other costs associated with the day-to-day needs of the child
  • The possibility of relocation

Attorney Curtis M. Garner is a former child support prosecutor. With years of experience handling numerous cases on behalf of the state, he understands the factors the courts consider when awarding custody and can apply them to your case. He can outline how much you will likely pay or receive, explain tax implications when claiming the child as a dependent, explain visitation credits, and help you understand child support enforcement and any other issues that will play into your case.

After your divorce is complete, you will likely need to make modifications to your existing child support agreement. Perhaps your financial situation will change, or your child’s financial needs will increase as he or she engages in extracurricular activities. Regardless of how or why your needs have changed, Mr. Garner can help you make necessary modifications and avoid falling behind.

Your Lawyer And Guide When Navigating Support Issues

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