When Facing Tough Times

The Help You Need When You Are Injured On The Job

Workers’ compensation is a safety net for injured workers. You cannot sue your employer or co-workers, but in exchange you are entitled to certain benefits without regard to fault. While these benefits are guaranteed under Missouri law, you may need legal representation to make your employer or their insurer honor their end of the bargain.

The Law Office of Curtis M. Garner & Associates, LLC, provides experienced advocacy to make sure you get the medical care and financial support you need while recovering from a work injury, and to fight back if they try to deny or terminate your benefits. Our attorneys serve Springfield and surrounding communities.

The Benefits Under Missouri Workers’ Compensation

Depending on the nature and extent of your injury, workers’ comp can provide the following relief:

  • Medical benefits — The employer covers all expenses arising from your accident or injury. This includes emergency room care and hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, medical devices, medications and medical travel including ongoing medical care after you return to work.
  • Temporary partial disability — Workers’ comp provides gap pay to supplement your wages if you can work part time or light duty while recovering from your injury, with a limit of 100 weeks.
  • Temporary total disability — If you cannot work because of your injury, workers’ comp pays two-thirds of your average weekly wages to cover the lost income for up to 400 weeks.
  • Permanent partial disability — If a part of your body is permanently injured or disfigured, workers’ compensation pays a fixed benefit based on the specific body part and the percentage of disability. You can collect PPD while still working — it is compensation for the diminished function and quality of life.
  • Permanent total disability — If you are unable to return to any gainful employment because of a work-related injury, workers’ comp provides wage replacement for the rest of your life. Missouri’s Second Injury Fund may kick in if your PTD was related to a prior work injury.
  • Vocational rehabilitation —  If you are unable to return to your old job but not totally disabled, you may qualify for support services to retrain for a new occupation. Vocational rehab benefits may cover physical restoration, mental health services, career counseling, job training and job placement.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

Employers and insurers have a vested interest in limiting their costs and getting you back on the job as soon as possible. You might need an attorney to appeal a denied claim, to appeal a low disability rating, or to fight for necessary medical treatment. Farther down the road, you might need help if the employer pressures you to return to work, refuses to bring you back or ignores your doctor’s light duty restrictions. If you are summoned to an independent medical exam (IME), it typically indicates that the insurance company intends to reduce your benefits or terminate your workers’ comp claim entirely.

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